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The Fur Seasons of Orient is a "five paw resort and spa" offering the best in pet care! Whether you are looking for a great grooming experience for your pet, or daycare & boarding services, The Fur Seasons of Orient is top rated by customers at providing excellent service. We take pride in offering a spacious facility where each dog has a custom built and decorated 5'x 6' suite. Family owned and operated, The Fur Seasons of Orient will treat your pet like family.

Lisa Reichelderfer — 5 star
This is the best place for my dog and cat. I think they really enjoyed their time there and I didn't worry about them because I knew they were in good hands. Olive and Babookie would give it two thumbs up if they had thumbs. We will be back!!

Samantha Mack — 5 star
My dog has a horribly thick undercoat that requires vacuuming the entire house AT LEAST twice a day (unless you like your food to be seasoned with essence of dog). Suzy washed and deshedded my dog better than any other grooming facility and a month later, Marchesa is still shedding significantly less.